Hybrid Man Found In China?


Has the Bigfoot escaped to China? The footage below, taken in the Sichuan Province in China shows a bigfoot-like hybrid man and has taken the internet by storm. A number of explanations and theories started spreading like wildfire and the web is already calling him ‘the Chinese Hybrid Man’ or ‘Yeren Ape Man’.

What’s this man’s story?

The boy’s mother said that she had been kidnapped a by a Yeren, the Chinese version of Bigfoot, who raped her a number of times before she was able to escape and return to her village. 9 months after the alleged kidnapping occurred, the woman gave birth to a strange looking boy who as time passed by grew abnormally large. He never learned to speak but was able to understand most of what was said to him. He died at the age of 33 and since his mother kept him hidden in the small village his entire life not much was known about him.

Ever since the footage resurfaced online there have been a number of theories regarding his origin. Was he the bastards son of  bigfoot-like creature? A more logical explanation is that he was born with microcephaly – a neurodevelopmental disorder which causes abnormal head growth, poor brain function and a shorter life expectancy. The proponents of this theory say that his mother was ashamed of him so she made the whole kidnapping story up.

On the other hand, the microcephaly theory doesn’t explain his abnormal size because the disorder has never before been linked with extreme height. Moreover, he also exhibited a number of ape-like properties like an ape like jaw, extremely long gangly arms, and he barely had a neck. Was this creature really half-man half-animal? Could it be that the human hybrid ape man from China is actually real?

Below you can find the video by Epic Wildlife, watch it and see for yourself: