Here’s What Scientists Found When They Opened A Cave That Had Been Isolated For More Than 5.5 Million Years [Watch Video]

The world within a world is a tantalizing concept advocated by sci-fi and fantasy writers but so far it was in the realms of imagination. But truth can be stranger than fiction and nature takes a vicarious delight in putting the spokes in the well-ordered physical world of humans. One such spoke is the bizarre creatures of Movile cave, a chemical (chemosynthesis) world within the organic world of humans.

In the South-east Romania, close to the Black sea  lies a cave beneath the earth that has remained completely cut off from the outside world for 5.5 million years.

In Constant county, Romania close to the Bulgarian border lies a bleak, unremarkable land. The plains have nothing to recommend for except for one thing – the cave beneath the land has led a cloistered existence for 5.5 million years. While Earth was evolving prodigiously with Primates descending from the trees and advancing to Homo Sapiens, the world beneath existed completely sequestered from the outer world.

The cave was discovered by Romanian scientist Cristian Lascu.

The cave can be accessed by descending down a narrow shaft, climbing down through an ochre clay coated limestone tunnel in total darkness and in a temperature of 25-degree centigrade. The tunnel opens into a central cavern opening into a lake.

Here is the video: