Founder of Non Profit “Unlocking Autism” Found Dead in Canal

The founder of an online Autism support network found dead.

Autism advocate and founder of ‘Unlocking Autism‘ Jeana Beck, known as Gina Smith was found dead this week.

It has been reported that Gina was travelling with her son when she disappeared, her body was recovered from a canal near the Rodeway Inn where she had been staying.

Katu have reported that her family say they ‘want answers’ in the mysterious case, naturally they are shocked and heartbroken.


Her son Jesse Smith said:

“Just unbelievably shocked. I don’t think it’s hit anyone of us that it’s real. It’s so sudden, it’s so quick,” and “Right now, my role is to step up and be the man of the house.”

He said he loved spending time with his mother, going to Dodgers games together among other family activities. He says the last time he spoke to her was just a few hours before her death.

He spoke of his Mom’s popularity in the community, saying:

“If I had a dollar for every time somebody came up to me and said, ‘I wish that was my mom,’ or ‘I wish my mom was as cool as you,’ then I wouldn’t have to worry about rent, like ever,”

Gina was in Lincoln City on a business trip with her younger son, Jacob, who has autism. The police say there was no foul play involved but Gina’s family insist she would never take her own life in such a way.


Smith said:

“My mom would not leave Jacob in Lincoln City while at work to take her life. She would not do that to Jacob,”

Autism Unlocked is an online support network for those with autism and their families to come together to discuss the condition and share stories and information.

Source :  Katu