Emails Prove Hillary Clinton Has Been Arming ISIS All Along


In a massive bombshell that the mainstream media is blacking out entirely, Wikileaks has released emails confirming that Hillary Clinton not only did business with the ISIS terrorist group, but helped arm them which means she went so far as to even lie under oath about this fact.

(Clinton took $100k cash from & was director of company that gave money to ISIS)

The once-secret e-mails expose Hillary Clinton’s involvement in shipping weapons to a number of jihadist groups, including ISIS.

But Julian Assange went on record in an interview with Democracy Now about this about a week ago as well, stating that;

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange already said last week that Hillary Clinton played a vital role in funneling weapons from Libya (which she was also instrumental in destroying) to Obama-backed terror groups in Syria. And, in spite of this, the mainstream media are absolutely silent. They are not even acknowledging what took place! 1984 has become a reality.

In this interview, legal analyst Michael William Lebron discusses the implications of the emails release, and how absolutely disturbing it is that the mainstream media has blacked out the story entirely;

Considering what’s going on here, that the mainstream media is unapologetically blacking out this story, it is safe to assume the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird (to control the media) is still ongoing and never actually ended. I mean how can they completely ignore this story? It really is mind blowing.

As usual, the alternative media is gonna have to play the role of whistle blower and informer of the people. Please share and make this story they want to desperately hide, go viral instead.

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