Coronavirus Myths | COVID-19

Myth No 1: Eating garlic can help avoid infection. Consuming garlic has its advantages but as per WHO it does not protect us from COVID-19.

Myth No 2: Drink water every 15 minutes. There is no evidence to suggest that this virus can be flushed out of the system by drinking a lot of water.

Myth No 3: Don’t eat ice cream. It is being believed that not eating cold food and thus keeping the body heated will make it difficult for the virus to survive. This is not true.

Myth No 4: Drinkable Silver. Some are suggesting drinking tiny particles of silver suspended in liquid. It is risky to do so and it is not shown to cure COVID-19 nor boost our immunity.

Myth No 5: Holding Breath. If a person can hold breath for more than 10 seconds then one can avoid infection. Experts say this is simply not true.

Myth No 6: Use of Vodka as a Hand Sanitizer. This is not true because it does not contain enough alcohol to kill the virus.

Go through the video below: