Blue Whale Challenge: Meet The 17-Year-Old Alleged Mastermind Of The Game

A 17-year old Russian has been arrested of allegedly heading the several groups run in the name of Blue Whale Challenge, the game that encouraged players to commits suicide.


Reports suggest that she used to threaten victims with death, if they do not complete or failed to complete all the challenges of game which includes committing suicide as the last challenge.


A Metro report quoted Colonel Irina Volk, Russian Interior Ministry, “this administrator was sending particular tasks, often life-threatening, to each of several dozen members of the group.”


The official further added, “In contrast to similar groups, teenagers in this group were blackmailed with death threats against them or their relatives for not completing the tasks.”


Initially the girl was reportedly the player of the Blue Whale Challenge where she did not completed the game. But instead, she ended up becoming the ‘admin’ of the game where she incites other to complete the challenges.


Earlier, the creator of the Blue Whale Challenge, 22-year-old Philipp Budeikin was arrested in Russia and has been sentenced to three years in prison. But despite that, the game still continues to gain traction.


The game targets the depressed and turns suicide into a thrilling game. After signing up, the players are given a set of fifty tasks which further includes tasks such as watching horror movies alone, carving a whale on their arm. The final task of the game ends with the suicide. The game has been linked to more than 100 suicides around the world.


Parents, watch out for these signs in your children


Chennai : City police issued an advisory to parents to monitor their social media activity in the backdrop of the Blue Whale Challenge, an online game involving a series of dangerous tasks.


Police said the internet game “instructs its participants, mostly teenagers, to carry out 50 dangerous tasks, the final challenge being committing suicide.”


Teenagers and young adults in their formative years seek social validation, acceptance and aspire to be part of something bigger than them and this game “exploits this aspect,” it said.


The advisory was being given in view of the propensity of the game to instigate suicide and self-inflicted injuries and to prevent children from becoming potential victims of this “harmful game,” it said.


“Watch for abnormal activity in children, depressed and violent behaviour, long lonely online hours, late night surfing, avoiding company of family members, concealing online activity (and) spending more time on the internet,” it said.


“Unusual injuries in the body could be a sign of concern as they may be involved in such games. Please monitor your child’s social media activity and ensure they are allowed to access them only when you are convinced that they are mature enough to handle them.” it added.


The police advisory also asked parents to spend more time with their wards and encourage them to participate in outdoor games.


The Blue Whale Challenge involves a series of challenges such as waking up early in the morning, watching horror videos alone, inflicting injuries on oneself, climbing up building tops and finally commit suicide.


A teenager in Mumbai had earlier committed suicide, an incident suspected to have been a result of his participating in the challenge.


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