Black THUG Beat His ‘Girl’ Within Inches Of Her Life… Get’s EXACTLY What He Deserves [VIDEO]

An extremely disturbing video was posted to Facebook which shows what a wild animal behaves like when allowed to live in a civilized society. The video shows a violent black savage beating the living hell out of a WOMAN in a NYC restaurant.

The scumbag’s street name is ‘Druppy.’ I think the d bag means ‘DROOPY’ but you can’t expect this pile of garbage to accurately spell such a complicated word I suppose.

The poor woman was sitting in a New York City restaurant, seemingly minding her own business when the thug approached her and then punches her right in the face, which knocks her out of her chair on to the floor.

Unfortunately, that is just the beginning.

With the woman on the floor, the monster kicks the woman as hard as he can in the ribs. As he is seen standing over the helpless female yelling at her he pulls out a metal rod and repeatedly strikes the woman in the face and upper torso.

He continues mercilessly beating the woman like a wild primate. A gorilla. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Dean Lewis is the man who originally posted the video and wrote this on his Facebook post:

Customs employee Nickname Druppy..In video beating up girlfriend in his restaurant in TNT with a piece of steel strip, kicking the young lady in her face…something got to be done with animal like these… Share must go viral….

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic video shows extreme violence that may be difficult for some viewers to watch

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