Black Deeds Of ISIS In Iraq As Told By One Of Its Monster

An Islamic State agent, Amar Hussein, reads the Quran every day in his prison cell so he can become a better person, which would sound good, if he hadn’t raped 200 women.


“Young men need this… This is normal… I had no money. No one to say, ‘This is wrong, this is right.’ No jobs. I had friends but no one to give me advice,” Hussein stated after a counter-terrorism agent about his rapes, and the rampant rapes among men in ISIS. This is the culture that the liberals are so eager to welcome into America. (via NY Post)

Hussein and another militant from ISIS were arrested during an attack on Kirkuk, Iraq in October of last year, where 99 civilians were killed. Also, 63 ISIS members were killed.

This militant claimed that his leaders gave him and the other men the go ahead to rape as many of the Yazidi women, and any non-Muslim women, that they wanted.

Hussein admitted to going from house to house in many cities in Iraq, raping women who hailed from the Yazidi part of the city as well as other minorities as ISIS attacked and pillaged, claiming more territory in the name of their jihadist organization.

Kurdish officials have obtained evidence of Hussein raping as well as killing citizens of these cities, but they don’t know how exactly how many of these crimes he committed.

The citizens claim that ISIS took many of the women hostage and kept them as sex slaves, killing their male relatives so they wouldn’t try to rise up against them. Many groups that advocate for human rights make sure to document the attacks of ISIS against the Yazidi people.

According to Hussein, he killed 500 people since he joined the Islamic militant group in 2013. He stated, “We shot whoever we needed to shoot and beheaded whoever we needed to beheaded.”

Hussein believes himself to be a victim, who grew up poor in a dangerous area, but in reality, he’s nothing but a monster. Just because you come from a rough beginning does not excuse the fact that you raped and murdered people, all for a terrorist organization.

People have a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong, it’s called a moral compass. This man deserves to be in a jail cell for the rest of his life for the crimes that he has committed against other people in his nation.

Hussein is currently 21, and joined the organization when he was 14. He joined the militant groups at the suggestion of the leader at his local mosque, according to him. At first, he was a member of al-Qaeda, and then ISIS which took over in Iraq afterwards.

He awaits legal proceedings for his crimes while in the terrorist organizations, to me, he deserves nothing less than the death penalty.