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There has long been the belief that aliens have continued to be monitoring the Earth for quite some time now, and such proof has been shown through videos and an assortment of pictures taken by unsuspecting citizens.

The reasons for why aliens have decided to roam the Earth varies. Some reasons are because aliens may intend to create a war against humans and wipe out all of the society in order to open up their own personal world on the planet to create a much more civilized and intelligent society with technology and advances like no other.


The sightings of UFOs continue to take place throughout the world and seem to appear every year, which leads to the wondering whether aliens have touched down on Earth at one time or another.

One finding potentially answers this question and indicates that yes aliens have already been to Earth at least one time. In Egypt, eerie coins were located while excavating through some forested area.

Upon looking at the coins, they appeared to show an individual who seems to have an extremely large head with bulging black eyes. These characteristics are commonly associated with aliens.

Many conspiracy theorists have indicated that the coins are a proof that aliens once inhabited the Earth or at least may have visited previously.

The unanswered question is if these coins turn out to be a true alien currency, then why does it truly exist? Did the aliens participate in foreign trades or trades in general? It would be assumed that the coins are most likely some form of currency, so the coins must contain some sort of monetary value or be of use somehow.

The coins are also believed to have some writing on them which translates to “it’s here in due time, “which hints at the belief that aliens may be setting up for another visit to the Earth, so the citizens of the world should be preparing thoroughly, because no one truly knows what the intentions of aliens are. Information is still coming out regarding this finding, but nothing is truly set in stone as of right now.