9 Real Photos that Cannot be Explained

Look the pictures below which are not having any explanation till date.

#9 The Mystery of the Pteranodon


During the American Civil War, in 1864, 6 soldiers claim to have shot down some kind of unknown bird or monster near Vicksburg, which resembles a Pteranodon, a giant flying reptile.

#8 old Lady In Nursing Home


When the photo was developed, there was a figure of a man in the background. When looked closely, the old lady claimed it was her husband who died thirteen years earlier. The family recalled that there was no one else present when they took the photo.

#7 The Cooper Family Photo


The Cooper Family, from Texas, shifted to their new house and were celebrating when the dad took this photo. Once the photo was developed, there was a terrifying figure falling from the roof of the house which nobody knows about. Some call it the spirit of the former owner while others call it a hoax

#6 The Cadborosaurus


In 1907, 9 fishermen caught a giant sea monster, Cadborosaurus, as they called it but even scientists have not been able to identify the creature.

#5 The Solway Spaceman


In 1964, Jim Templeton took a photo of his daughter which gained much attention. The picture also captured a tiny space-man just above the young girls head while the father claimed there was no one else present.

#4 The Ghost of 3 Men and a Baby


3 Men and a Baby is a comedy film starring Ted Danson. In one scene a strange figure is standing near the window which is said to be the ghost of a young boy who committed suicide in the house many years earlier.

#3 Man Caught Travelling Through Time


The photo taken on the opening of South Fork Bridge in Canada in 1940 shows a man with sassy goggles, a hooded jumper, and a logo laden t-shirt. Everything is normal until a suspicious lady walks by chatting on a mobile phone.

#2 Time Travel Memento


In 2008 Chinese archaeologists opened a sealed tomb in Shangsi County and found a small wrist-watch like object with the time frozen at 10:06 in the coffin.

#1 The Ghost in the Back Seat


Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her late mother where she took a photo of her husband in the front seat of their car. When the photo was later developed a mysterious figure could be clearly seen sitting in the back seat, who she claims to be an image of her dead mother.