215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Contaminated Water Leaking Into Florida’s Main Water Supply

About 215 million gallons (980 million liters) of radioactive contaminated water is leaking into Florida’s main drinking water supply and the mainstream media is acting like it’s no big deal!

According to the BBC;   

The leak occurred after a huge sinkhole opened up under a phosphate fertiliser plant near Tampa, damaging the stack where waste water was stored. 

The water contained phosphogypsum, a slightly radioactive by-product from the production of fertiliser.

The phosphate company Mosaic said the leak posed no risk to the public.

 “Slightly radioactive?” SLIGHTLY?! Are they effing serious???

The water is polluted and UNSAFE to drink. This disaster smells like another situation similar to the Flint Michigan water crisis, which was handled by the government with incompetence and disgrace.

The company behind this has a history of polluting the environment on a massive scale
The claims that everything is okay is coming from the massive multi billion dollar corporation Mosaic who is responsible for the disaster. Their senior director for environmental and phosphate projects, David Jellerson, had this to say to the media;
 “Groundwater moves very slowly, there’s absolutely nobody at risk.”
This is the same corporation that was forced to pay almost $2 Billion in fines for another environmental disaster they caused just last year when they violated state and national law in their handling of 60 billion pounds of hazardous waste! 

In an article covering this disaster from the Tampa Bay Times in 2015, another disturbing revelation was made;

Mosaic’s production of pollution is so great that in 2012, the Southwest Florida Water Management District granted the company a permit to pump up to 70 million gallons of water a day out of the ground for the next 20 years. Mosaic is using some of that water to dilute the pollution it dumps into area creeks and streams so it won’t violate state regulations.

That’s right, this company is pumping BILLIONS of gallons of water “to dilute the pollution”.

We need to wake up very fast to what the elites… through government, corporations and banks are doing, because while we work a 9-5 throughout the week like slaves, they are destroying the things we need for survival on this planet.