Day: 17

Never Turn On Your A/C Immediately After Starting The Engine

Imagine – It’s a hot day, extra hot, as so many days this summer have been. As you get ready to go to work, do you give a second thought to the conditions your car has been sitting in? Because the car’s operations manual gives a brief warning about the situation: Open your car’s windows before

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Do You Know These Household Items Have Expiration Dates?

Nothing lasts forever. We’re talking about consumer products used everyday by us.  These are not supposed to last forever, like towel, shoes, and even car seats. We’ve listed below few things which have expiration dates. Pillows: 2-3 years You sleep with your pillow every night. You pull it, punch it, and roll it until you are comfortable.

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Loneliness is Bad For Your Mind and Health

No one wants to feel lonely. Sometimes the feeling is impossible to avoid. Though loneliness is manageable in short times, but in long time one can feel like a death sentence. The government also need to do something to tackle loneliness — not just among the elderly, but the young and those in between. It was discovered that a

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