15 Horrifying Stories Behind Famous Intimate Bedroom Scenes

With movies more risqué than ever before, sex scenes are par for the course in many motion pictures. As steamy, seductive, and stimulating as they appear for audiences, filming those titillating scenes is another story altogether. Any actor or actress who has appeared in a sex scene can attest to the fact that the process can be technical, repetitive, and downright awkward. Especially since there are a dozen or so others on set, directing and filming every uncomfortable and revealing detail from “action” to “cut.” So it’s no big surprise that many actors and actresses have had onset sex scene horror stories that are juicy enough to create another movie solely based off their sex scene blunders, mix-ups, scares, and disgraces.


From lesser-known films to A-list studded blockbusters, sex scenes are filmed all the time. Naturally, just like any other Hollywood moment, not everything will go as hoped or planned. These stories take a sneak peek behind the lens and reminisce about the production of the eventually flawless footage viewers take in as they watch the final cut at their local theaters or from the comfort of their living rooms. Get ready to see a whole new side of sex scenes, much less arousing, but far more intriguing than you’ve witnessed before. These tales may not be sexy, but they are definitely aimed to please. After you’ve read these horror stories, go back and re-watch your favorite flicks and try to imagine what it was like for the stars to film them.


15. Superbad – Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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If there’s anything you encounter that is more horrifying than having your mother watch you do the deed, please seek a therapist immediately. Yet, that’s just what happened to Christopher Mintz-Plasse who played the McLovin character in the hilarious film, Superbad. As if filming a sex scene for all the world to see isn’t awkward enough, since Mintz-Plasse was under the age of 18 at the time of filming, his mother had to be on the set as a guardian. Naturally, she wanted to see her son perfect his craft. Little did she know that she’d be permanently mortified by watching her little boy get down and dirty. Yes, it was acting, but the whole idea of sex with your mom watching every bump and grind has got to be one of the worst experiences a guy could live through. Hopefully, life doesn’t imitate art and there’s no trace of mom in the bedroom in Mintz-Plasse’s real love life.

14. The Change-Up – Ryan Reynolds And Olivia  Wilde

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With a leading fella and gal so sexy, it’s hard to imagine anything could go wrong while filming The Change-Up, but Ryan Reynolds confessed that the sex scene in the flick was anything but sexy. When he removed the bra for Olivia Wilde’s character, she had pasties beneath to cover her nipples, but Wilde pranked Reynolds by drawing silly smiley faces on them. The scene called for him to put his hands on her breasts, and when he did, the smiley faces transferred to the palms of his hands. He was so distracted that he forgot his lines and what to do next. Perhaps the next time he’ll make the “breast” of the situation and go on acting like he’s paid to do. A little laugh shouldn’t have thrown this A-lister for such a loop. He probably had some explaining to do to with his wife once he came home with those faces on his hands, though.

13. Fifty Shades Of Grey – Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan


With so much kinky sex throughout Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s not a huge surprise that there were a few mishaps while filming. From the jet-setting adventures to the S&M-themed getups and gadgets, it would be a shock if neither of the film’s stars got injured or at least put into a compromising position. Although, then again, wasn’t that the idea? While whips and chains may have been something Dakota Johnson became accustomed to, getting a case of whiplash surely wasn’t on the sexual menu. There was a scene where Jamie Dornan’s character had to throw Johnson’s character onto the bed and instead of getting in the mood for something spicy, she was in the mood for a neck brace. Luckily things weren’t too serious, but it definitely proved that rough sex can sometimes be a bit tricky and it shouldn’t always be tried at home. While there was likely a medic on set, there’s not going to be one at the foot of your bed.

12. The Tudors – Henry Cavill


The devastatingly dashing and well-received actor, Henry Cavill is certainly no stranger to sex. Yet, when it came time to film a hot scene for an episode of the Showtime series, The Tudors, things got a little hard for him (in more ways than one). Cavill told a popular men’s magazine that when the actress with whom he was filming with got on top of him as part of the scripted scene, he got a little too excited and “rose to the occasion,” so to speak. He says it was her perfect breasts that caused him to lose his cool, but who can blame him for what comes naturally below the belt? Surely, this stiff situation didn’t make it to the final cut seen on TV, but the actress as well as Cavill must have been embarrassed by the incident, to say the least. Perhaps he’s just a method actor or just really gets into his character.

11. Game Of Thrones – Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa



There’s certainly plenty of sex and semi-nudity on the smashing television series, Game of Thrones, but even the actresses and actors on the hit show can have a difficult time getting used to the hot and heavy adult scenes. Emilia Clarke recently told an interviewer that she once exploded into an uncontrollable laughing fit while filming a saucy sex scene with the hunky, Jason Momoa. Rather than covering up his naughty bits with a modesty sock as normally used in TV and film, Momoa pranked the surprised Clarke by donning a fuzzy pink sock over his member. Surely, that took the romance right out of the scenario, but a fit of goofy giggles on the clock must have cost the production team a fortune in overtime. Still, it’s nice to know that she was laughing at the sock, and not what was underneath. Well, at least that’s the story she’s going with.


10. Masters Of Sex – Michael Sheen And Lizzy Caplan


With a show title like Masters of Sex, one would think that things would always go swimmingly on set. Yet, that wasn’t necessarily the case during a nauseating experience while filming a scene between two of the show’s stars, Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan. The story goes that during a take when Sheen’s character had to touch Caplan’s breast, she noticed his palms were cold and clammy. She didn’t think much of it, despite a case of nerves which she was experiencing as well. Yet, it turned out that it was far more than onset jitters for Sheen. He suddenly upchucked in a nearby garbage can and eventually learned that he had a nasty case of food poisoning. At least this was make-believe and not a real romance or else Caplan would have certainly become self-conscious every time romance was in the air. Next time, Sheen should lay off the 3-day old Chinese takeout from the back of the fridge.


9. Desperate Housewives – Jesse Metcalfe And Eva Longoria

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Sometimes, strapping young fellas simply cannot control what’s happening in their pants. This proved to be especially embarrassing when actor, Jesse Metcalfe, was filming a hot and steamy love scene with the undeniably sexy, Eva Longoria, on the set of the popular TV show, Desperate Housewives. It was their very first sex scene and Metcalfe was nervous to begin with. When the director wanted to film another take of the scene and asked Metcalfe to get out of the bed, the poor lad needed a moment for his junk to deflate, so to speak. But who could blame him? Any 20-something-year-old guy who’s lucky enough to find himself in the sack with a gorgeous actress (acting or not) would be sure to get excited. It would be “hard” not to! Hopefully future scenes were more acting than biological and Metcalfe was able to stay focused on his craft rather than his shaft.

8. Crank 2 – Jason Statham


Actor, Jason Statham, is one heck of a hunk and is certainly no stranger in the sex department, which is made evident by his sexy model/actress girlfriend. Yet, there was a time while filming a crazy sex scene for the film, Crank 2, where he was absolutely horrified. Imagine having sex in public, but not alone with your partner, in a shopping mall! Shoppers were at the mall along with the directors, actors, and other extras filming the steamy scene. Shopping in a crowded mall is nerve-wracking enough, but having sex (or at least pretending to) amidst the chaos would be pure madness. On the plus side, perhaps some of the stores offered Statham a discount for a job well done. While it’s probably rare for Statham to shop among the masses regularly (due to the throngs of fans who’d be likely to swarm him), if they only knew he was liable to reveal his “banana” in front of Banana Republic, it would be quite the shopping adventure.

7. Basic Instinct – Sharon Stone


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Who could forget the iconic scene in Basic Instinct when Sharon Stone flashed her lady bits for movie-going audiences worldwide to see? However, the story goes that Stone had no clue that her private parts would ever make their debut on the big screen. Apparently, the fact that she was panty-less was supposed to be something that the other characters were supposed to only get the gist of by Stone’s character’s seductive innuendos and actions, not by actually showing them in true full-frontal fashion so blatantly. She was going commando because the dress she wore in the scene was too snug for panties, and Stone was fine with that, but not with her crotch being the biggest star of the film. Plus, allegedly nobody even gave Stone the heads up that her “box” would make it to the box office when the final production was complete. Stone should have used her “instinct” and figured that the directors might have had something naughty in mind.

6. Bridesmaids – Jon Hamm And Kristen Wiig


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While Bridesmaids was widely acceptable as completely hilarious, the experience Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiighad while filming their sex scene in the blockbuster comedy was anything but. Firstly, there was the hideous flesh-toned thong underwear Hamm had to wear in order to appear totally nude, which is totally not sexy and embarrassing to wear in front of dozens onset. Plus, with the rumors of Hamm’s well-endowed “gift,” that thong must have been working harder than anyone in showbiz. In addition, due to Hamm’s large frame and 200+ weight, he nearly smooshed Wiig while filming their steamy scenes. Of course, the final result turned out great, but what went into it was worse than being a bridesmaid to a “bridezilla.” Surely the two actors laughed off the awkwardness, but wouldn’t it have been better if filming was a tad less unfortunate? If they had to do multiple takes, Wiig must have been completely exhausted.


5. Neighbors – Dave Franco


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As if being nude on the big screen isn’t daunting enough, imagine waking up on the day of the sex scene shoot with a huge pimple on your rear end! That’s exactly the fate Dave Franco was dealt when he woke up the morning of his nude sex scene for the film, Neighbors. It’s hard enough to expose your butt cheeks on the big screen, but when one is adorned with an unsightly blemish, “embarrassment” is a term that puts it lightly. Good thing there was a talented makeup artist on set to cover up the zit so Franco could get on with the racy scene with a seemingly perfect tush. Let’s hope the makeup crew used a different set of makeup brushes on the faces of the rest of the cast. How Franco got the pimple in that unfortunate area isn’t clear, but then again, neither was his backside.


4. Girls – Lena Dunham

HBO’s Girls is chock-full of racy sexual content, nudity, and otherwise sex-related conversation. The show’s main star, Lena Dunham, has filmed an abundance of steamy scenes. Yet, in the first season of filming, Dunham always used a nude patch to cover her lady bits. That said, she’s confessed that the piece always became sticky and sweaty, thus falling off despite being glued in place. From Season 2 on, Dunham decided to forgo the pesky nude patch and every guy (and gal, for that matter) on the set has since seen her private parts on full display. Obviously, the actress is not shy, but at first, such “openness,” (pun intended) must have been quite a shock to her co-actors and the others filming and directing. Perhaps Dunham could have better fastened her patch or found another with better staying power, but chances are that she feels more like herself without the extra prop.

3. Map To The Stars – Robert Pattinson And Julianne Moore


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While Robert Pattinson is considered a Hollywood heartthrob, he was more like a total dweeb when it came time to film a hot sex scene with the gorgeous and talented, Julianne Moore, in Map to the Stars. The poor guy got so unbearably sweaty during filming that Moore questioned whether or not he was having a panic attack. To make sticky matters worse, Moore stayed as cool as a cucumber during each take as Pattinson’s perspiration became more and more obvious and probably distracting to the actors. Perhaps this will teach him to be sure to apply a heavy layer of antiperspirant prior to filming before his next sexy role. Moore seems like a caring woman, so she probably let it slide, but filming a sex scene while being drenched in someone else’s sweat must have been uncomfortable at the very least.


2. Spring Breakers – Gucci Mane


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Let’s hope the viewing audience didn’t react the same way the actor, Gucci Mane, did while filming a sex scene for the movie, Spring Breakers. He allegedly fell asleep while doing the nasty with his co-star. Marijuana was said to be the cause of the unfortunate timing of Mane’s slumber, but perhaps he just wasn’t all that into her. While a few puffs of weed can make a fella somewhat sleepy, one would think that having sex (real or make-believe) would perk a guy up for the time being. That must have been some strong stuff, or perhaps it was something other than simply weed. Whatever the case may have been, the directors should have allowed Mane to sleep off his high before trying to get a decent second take. Hopefully Mane’s co-star didn’t develop a self-conscious complex after this incident and may she never experience such horror in her real-life love life.


1. The Wolf Of Wall Street – Margot Robbie And Leonardo DiCaprio


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Leonardo DiCaprio has had his fair share of honeys in both his real life and on the big screen, so filming a sex scene with the incredibly beautiful, Margot Robbie, must have been a piece of cake. While it was simple enough for DiCaprio, reportedly it was Robbie who had some technical issues when it came to making love with her onscreen hubby. In fact, the incident left the actress in physical pain. There was a scene when the two had to get it on atop a mountain of money and Robbie’s character was on her back. Once the director yelled “cut,” they realized her back was covered in painful paper cuts from all those bills. It isn’t quite as enjoyable when the result is blood and infection. Certainly Robbie’s paycheck more than covered the costs for some bandages and antibiotic ointment. Next time, the special effects team should Photoshop the bills into the scene after the actors do their work. This would have at least saved the actress all those paper cuts.