12 Signs You’re Killing Your 20’s


Here are 12 signs you’re doing much better than you think:

1. You have a job: All right, we aren’t talking corner office or CEO here, but you’ve managed to grasp onto that first greasy rung of the ladder. Your day to day may involve coffee fetching and covering for your alcoholic boss, but it’s all about experience, and at some point you’ll leverage one hell of a recommendation.

2. You can turn your lights on: No candle light reading and camp-stove dinners for you; you’ve paid your bills this month! What’s more, you use wifi that isn’t stolen from the coffee shop next door and your cell phone receives phone calls. This may sound basic but there are entire countries that haven’t managed this level of sophistication.

3. You’ve been through some sh*t: The phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” may sound like motivational crap, but all that shit you’ve had to go through has changed you for the better.

4. You have hobbies: Drinking can be a hobby. From now on just call yourself a liquor connoisseur and no one can look down on you for waking up on the sidewalk on a Sunday morning. I mean physically they’ll be looking down on you, but you have the moral high ground!

5. You eat fresh food: Gone are the days where ramen and ketchup is your staple go-to dinner. Don’t worry if you don’t cook, the restaurants you order from off Seamless probably use fresh ingredients.

6. You have your own space: Even if this just amounts to one room in a shared apartment, its yourspace where you have the final say over what goes. This may not sound like a big deal, but we all need a corner to make our own.

7. You can travel: I’m not talking about a trip to the Bahamas for a long weekend but you do have enough money to put gas in your car and keep your metro card charged, so that’s a win.

8. People listen to you: You are starting to have smidgen of authority and you’re finding that people are actually starting to listen to you. Maybe the only significant change you’ve made is getting them to restock the bathroom with more toilet paper, but change is change.

9. You’re wiser: You now know that if he refers to you as his slam-piece and makes you duck down when he drives past his house, he’s not the one.

10. You can take care of yourself: Hospital visits are expensive and you don’t want to be making a splint out of duct tape and a wooden spoon again, so you’ve learned to think twice about your actions and have started to look out for number one.

11. You have a goal: You’re going to move to a different city, you’re planning on going to grad school or your going traveling, whatever it is, you are moving towards a mile stone and that’s pretty fucking mature.

12 You’ve chilled out: You now realize not everything is going to happen today, some things take a time and you’re just stressing yourself out by worrying about it. This has made life a helluva lot easier, and made you a little bit smarter.