10 Things You Should Never Order At A Restaurant

There is often more filler than meat in most meatloaf served in restaurants. They drown the meatloaf in sauce and seasonings, so you won’t notice the lack of taste and meat.

Dunkin’ Donuts donuts

Yep, Dunkin’ Donuts’ most famous product shouldn’t even be ordered. They all come frozen so that fresh donut you think you’re getting isn’t really so fresh after all.

Popcorn at the first movie of the day

If you’re heading to an early showing at the cinema, hold off on the popcorn. All of the popcorn leftover from the night before is kept in big bags then reheated the next morning. They only make fresh popcorn once the night before’s has run out! Gross.

Anything with steak or beans at Taco Bell

The beans look like cat food when they come to the restaurant. Employees then just add water and stir until they cannot see white anymore. When the steak sits too long, it becomes like hair gel.

Hot Dogs at baseball games

The hot dogs are kept in water after they are grilled. Any hot dogs left at the end of the day are put back in the refrigerator, and come out again on the next day.

Wendy’s Chili

The meat in the chili is the leftover meat that dries up until there is enough for a batch of chili. If the chili does not sell fast enough, they just add hot water to it and mix it up.

Gourmet Burgers

Many restaurants try and use one expensive ingredient in a burger, and then label it “gourmet” with a significantly higher price tag. Most so called expensive ingredients are overrated, used in extremely small amounts, or mixed with other ingredients making them cheaper to use.

Sauced-up specials

When a restaurant has extra ingredients about to expire, they usually put it out as the next day’s special, disguised in a sauce. They use the sauce to hide the fact that the ingredients are getting old, and are past their prime.

Best Sellers

Many think that best sellers have high turnover. However, to keep up with demand, restaurants will pre-make the top sellers, leaving them to sit around and develop food borne illness. By ordering a less popular item, it is more likely to be made to order.

BBQ Sandwiches at KFC

The BBQ sandwich is made up from old chicken and soaked in BBQ sauce. It is then pulled apart and kept for up to a month.

McCafe at McDonalds

The McCafe machines are routinely neglected, and rarely cleaned at most McDonald’s restaurants. Most employees are not even trained on its cleaning and maintenance. All the McCafe beverages run through the dirty machine.