10 Signs That You Are Pregnant

Almost every committed woman is looking forward to getting pregnant, however, it’s not that easy to get pregnant. There’s no woman who got pregnant after the first “try.” However, if you have been working on it with your partner for a while and experience these signs and symptoms, that could indicate the happy news:

1. Tingling Nipples

When a woman gets pregnant, the pregnancy hormones increase the blood flow toward a woman’s nipples which causes a tingling sensation. This is, by far, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

2. A Missed Period

If your periods are regular, and then one day, all of a sudden, you miss out a period, you should do a home pregnancy test, especially if you had been intimate. A missed period is one of the most telltale signs a baby is on her way!

3. Food Cravings

Pregnant women usually crave certain foods while feeling disgusted all of a sudden by foods they liked before.

4. Dark Nipples

Skin changes frequently occur during pregnancy. One of the first skin changes during pregnancy is nipples changing their color and becoming darker than usual. You may also notice that the area “down there” changer their color during pregnancy.

5. Going to the Restroom Frequently

Once women enter the sixth week of pregnancy, they will feel the urge to pee more frequently. This is because a pregnant woman’s kidney’s work hard to release the pregnancy hormones.

6. Tender Melons

Women who enter their sixth week of pregnancy will start to feel their melons becoming more swollen and incredibly tender on touch. Veins will also become prominent on the surface of a pregnant woman’s melons.

7. Tiredness

Exhausted all the time in these a couple of weeks without apparent reason? Well, there could be actually a reason why you feel exhausted.

You probably feel exhausted because your organism preserves their energy for a little miracle inside of you! Keep in mind that tiredness isn’t a telltale sign of pregnancy, but most pregnant woman feel tired in their first trimester.

8. Morning Nausea

Consider yourself lucky if you go through your pregnancy without experiencing morning nausea. We say this because of the fact most pregnant woman experience morning sickness during their first trimester.
Pregnancy-related nausea doesn’t only appear in the morning, it can occur at any time of the day, but it is most frequent in the morning.

9. Spotting

If some unusual brown stains or spots appear on your panties at the time of your expected period, that could indicate you are pregnant.

Scientists aren’t quite sure why do brown stains appear on a pregnant woman’s underwear, but it is believed that they are caused by the fertilized egg that just started to develop in the womb.

10. Pregnancy Test

If your home pregnancy test comes out positive on the second day of missed period, that’s a 99% certainty you’re pregnant.

However, keep in mind that home pregnancy tests aren’t an alternative to laboratory pregnancy tests.

Source : happylifereport.com