10 Android Hacks That You Don’t Need To Root Your Phone For

Android offers plenty of customization options that can totally thrill you!  Here, we have listed some of these hacks that will let you customize your phone without having to root it.

Hack Games

Do you know you can hack games that you play on your Android? Well, it is very much possible with this app called Game Killer. This app not only lets you implement new cheats and mods that you can change as you desire but can even get you free coins, lives, rewards, and get access to the locked content on your games.

 Control Desktop From Your Phone

If you don’t know about it already, yes, it is something you can do very easily using the app called Chrome Remote Desktop. It allows you to access your computer anywhere with any other device, whether a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. You can add this extension to your Chrome Browser to have two of your different devices to communicate and control nearly everything on your desktop with your Android.