Student’s 9/11 Chilling Footage Taken From Her Dorm Room Is Going Viral

The absolute horrific events that unfolded on 9/11 will forever be remembered as a dark day in human history. Not just for what took place, but for how the entire world was shaped by it.

Now, raw footage from a college students video has been making the rounds, reminding us all how tragic and scary those moments were.

This shocking raw footage is from New York University student Caroline Dries and was taken from her university dorm.

Driers and her roommate literally woke up to the sound of explosions from the first tower, something you would only expect from high budget Hollywood movies. Confusion and a delayed shock as to what caused it quickly became panic after another plane hit the second tower, prompting them to leave their residence as quickly as possible, as they had no idea what was going on.

This event was beyond scary and in the midst of all the fear and hysteria, everyone turned to the government for guidance and direction, but now after the dust has somewhat settle, we should consider what really has taken place. One of the more recent comments that has yet to be deleted brings up evidence that most people are too afraid to confront;


1. More than 2,500 professional architects, engineers, and professional pilots have presented SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the official story the government has told us is literally “IMPOSSIBLE” and neither NIST or Popular Mechanics has been able to debunk their claims.

2. First responders, survivors, VICTIMS FAMILY MEMBERS and even people who sat on the official 9/11 investigative committee claim the government’s version of events is a lie and they have deliberately suppressed the truth.

3. Michael Springman was head of the Visa section in Saudi Arabia where most of us the “terrorists” got their visas from. He claims he refused to issue visas to them but the CIA made sure they got their visas anyway. The mainstream media has ignored him. You can find testimony from him here on YouTube.

4. FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, named by the ACLU “the most gagged person in American history”, and who has been endorsed as credible by high ranking government officials, went on record claiming high levels of the U.S. government and NATO were working with Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri for many years, both before and after 9/11. Likewise, the mainstream media has ignored her and the government has made her life a living hell. You can also find testimony from here on here.

5. In 1962 the CIA and other high level government officials LITERALLY planned to carry out terrorist attacks against the civilian population in OPERATION NORTHWOODS through the use of hijacked planes, bombs and other scenarios. Fortunately, before he was assassinated, JFK refused to go forward with the plot.

Whatever really took place that day, one things for sure, the government is hiding something.