Son Sets Up Hidden Camera In Mother’s Nursing Home, What He Uncovers Has Him Horrified!

Unless the highly unlikely outcome occurs where we suddenly develop a way to mess with our telomeres enough to halt the aging process, we’re all going to get old.

It’s a fact of the never ending circle of life and death, something we can only escape in the works of science fiction and fantasy. As we’ve developed as a species we’ve learned to respect our elderly, and in 2016 they should be getting the best care in history – *should* be. So when Camille Parent’s mother kept getting new and unexplained bruises while living at a nursing home, he decided to set up a hidden camera in her room.

The footage is brutal; workers manhandle this poor woman like she was nothing more than a pain in their asses, one worker even shoved a rag she’d used to wipe the woman’s butt on her face! There’s plenty more examples of what the workers are doing wrong, but that’s still not even the end of it. Even the other residents are able to stroll casually into her room, taking her things and being an overall nuisance