5 Tips For Dating Someone At Your Workplace

Workplace romance if not handled properly can ruin your career and your relationship. Hence to avoid this, we are here with 5 tips for dating somebody at work. These tips will ensure that your career and your relationship is good and intact.


You spend almost ten to twelve hours in office 5 days a week. So it is only obvious that you end up liking somebody at your work place. You met this person at your office party, exchanged pleasantries, got talking and then exchanged numbers. From here, there was no stopping and now you guys have started to like each other.  Both of you coordinate so that you both go near the coffee machine together. You guys also have lunch together. It all feels great and these small moments give butterflies. But there are times when you might feel that maybe you are mixing work with personal life and you will also feel distracted. Ideally it is better to keep a work place romance in limits since love at work place does have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. To help you deal with this new found romance at your work, here are some tips for dating somebody in your office without any problems.

No display of affection in front of coworkers

This is a no-brainer. It doesn’t matter if you are totally smitten by this person, but you definitely cannot display affection in front of colleagues. It is a corporate place and you need to keep your professional ethics in place. So make sure that there is no PDA at the work place because it does make other people uncomfortable and you never know who might just raise an issue about the same.

Be open about it

You should not keep your relationship a secret because eventually people will definitely get to know. Your colleagues and even superiors will be genuinely happy for you if you are in a healthy and happy relationship. Tell your HR and others concerned and assure them that this newfound romance will not affect your  work. Assure them that you know how to keep professional and personal life separate. By the way even if you have told everybody, it still doesn’t mean you can be touchy and playful in office.

Decide in advance how you both will handle a breakup, if it comes

Now workplace romance can end pretty quickly and it has in some cases we know. So it is always better to have a plan ready. You both should sit down and decide how to go about things if the relation is not working out as expected. You both need to be on the same page if there is a breakup otherwise it is bound to affect your work. So have a plan ready and decide what to do if you both have to call it quits.

Go through your company policy once

Be sure of your company policy. Do they have any policies about work place romance or marriages? Some offices do not allow both the spouses to work in the same place. Similarly, look out for any company policy that may concern you. That way not only will you be happy in your relationship, but you can also be secured in your professional life.

Set some boundaries

It is only natural to be worried about how romance may affect your career. But because you both work together it might also affect your relationship. So set some boundaries. Make sure that you both do not fight over office things because what happens at work should be left right there.  Decide on how much time you will spend together. You obviously do not want to miss out on all your other relationships. These are some examples of the kind of boundaries and rules that you need to set. Just make sure that you both stick to these rules.

Apart from all these tips, another important point is to enjoy every bit of this phase. Workplace romance does have its perks as well. In a bid to follow rules and not to break any company rules, do not forget to enjoy your romance.