Unknown Facts About The Entire Beauty Industries

Before you could walk next door to obtain beauty products people practiced beautification in their homes. Beauty rituals date as far back as the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks were known for their fancy baths and the Romans for their perfect physique, yet they had no access to manufactured personal care products. Nature use to be the way we maintain our beauty. Plant and animal materials were used to perform the in same ways expensive products do.


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Some store bought products may appear to be more effective than natural ones because of the high-performing ingredients. Unfortunately some of these ingredients can hurt you more than they can help. Carcinogens are a well-known group of ingredients included in personal care products. Carcinogens are ingredients that can alter DNA a cause cancer, one of the leading causes of death. Phthalates and Parabens are two common carcinogens found in personal care products. Cancer isn’t the only risk when using beauty products you are also at risk for allergic reactions, scaring, acne, and imbalanced hormones.

Natural and organic products are also being manufactured but the loose restrictions of the Food and Drug Administration allow companies to cut corners.

Did you know?

  • The FDA doesn’t actually have a definition for organic.
  • Products labeled organic are only required to contain 95% organic ingredients.
  • A beauty product can be manufactured according to guidelines of another place and be marketed to those in the United States.

Sure companies could obtain all natural/organic ingredients but it would put a huge damper on their finances. There are chemicals used to make products look and feel like those made with care but excessive use can bear extreme consequences.

There are natural alternatives to most chemicals currently used:


Hydroquinone- Used to lighten skin complexion. Extended use can result in increased sun sensitivity, burning, redness, and allergies reaction.

Natural Alternatives

Liquorice root extract, Citrus fruit, Vitamin C, Rose oil, almond oil.


Parabens- A carcinogen used to prolong the shelf life of a product.

Natural Alternatives

Neem oil, salt, sugar, honey, rosemary extract, citric acid.

The personal care industry is scheduled to make over $300 billion dollars in the current year.