Unbelievable Images Show What Is Hiding In The Middle Of Our Oceans

For all of your efforts to responsibly recycle and avoid littering, it seems hopeless at times given the amount of waste being produced—and carelessly tossed into the environment—by an ever-growing population.


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But the images you’re about to see are leaving many—including the photographer who took them—speechless and disgusted.

“This has to stop—think about [the plastic you use in] your daily lives,” said Caroline Power, who snapped the viral images while at sea near Roatan, an island near the coast of Honduras.

The ocean’s blue surface is hidden, completely covered with a thick layer of garbage, believed to have flowed from near by Guatemala, whose rainy season likely caused the waste to shift out to see.

In this separate image below, you can clearly see plastic forks and spoons floating amid the seaweed:

John Hourston from the environmental protection group Blue Planet Society emphasized that plastic materials eventually break down into tiny particles consumed by plankton and fish, adding:

“It is thought that 90 per cent of sea birds have ingested some sort of plastic, and there are many examples of turtles and whales mistaking plastic for food.

“We all have a part to play in reducing plastic waste but manufacturers and government need to take the lead. It’s a global problem which needs a global solution.”


In this additional image, you can see the trash comes in a wide variety of objects, creating a thick ceiling on the ocean’s surface:

The dangers of plastic consumption for humans is already understood and generally well-accepted, but its effects on ocean life is often overlooked.

Watch This Video To See The Extensive Damage Caused by Plastic In Our Oceans: