Tips for Happy and Enjoyful Travel with Kids

Travelling with your whole family for the first time can be overwhelming. Even though it gets easier the more you do it, you’re going to run into a few challenges any time you travel with kids.

Being prepared and knowing what you’re getting into are two of biggest things you can do to make family travel go smoothly, but there are lots of little things you can do to make your trip better.

No matter, if it’s your first trip with your little one, or tenth, travelling with kids, is always daunting. What to pack, how to get there, it’s rife with potential worries. There are some tips that you can follow to make your trip more memorable.

Don’t Over pack

Families have a tendency to pack everything kids use at home. Bringing familiar items will keep your routines consistent and you’ll be sure to have everything you need.

Pack as little as possible. The act of travelling itself will mess with your home routines, so trying to preserve all of them isn’t going to work anyway. It will just lead to frustration and sore arms.

The great part about travelling is everywhere you go, children live there. If you find you’re missing something you need, you can always buy it at your destination. You do need to be a bit careful with this rule when visiting less-developed countries, but most places you would take your kids will probably have the essentials you need to care for them.

Explain the Trip

Introducing kids to the trip ahead of time is especially important for first-time travellers. When kids are uncomfortable, they aren’t happy. If there are too many new things going on, kids tend to get uncomfortable.

Going over an outline of the trip and what will be happening can help kids understand their situation at each point in the trip. They will know what to expect next, and as a result, will be more comfortable with what’s going on around them.

Explaining the trip can include telling them what they can expect at the airport, on the plane, and once they arrive at your destination. Take this opportunity to go over your expectations for their behaviour throughout the trip. Detail how they should act on planes, in hotels, and on tours.

Carry an Extra Pair of Clothes

If you’re travelling by plane, dress your baby in layers that can be taken off if your baby feels too hot or cold. Also, spare clothes can come handy if your toddler wrecks his clothes.

Pack Some Toys

Let’s be honest, we all want to enjoy some “me-time” when going on vacation. So, in order to keep your kids distracted, pack some toys. A colouring book, building blocks or jigsaw puzzles are other ways to keep them engaged.


A hungry baby is a crying baby. So, don’t forget to pack your toddlers’ favourite cookies, cornflakes, chips, fox nuts, fruits, lollipops, candy, etc. If your baby is still on the bottle, you could carry some formula too. Also, make sure that you’re baby is hydrated.


Be sure to pack some basic medicines for your baby, like cough drops, band-aids, antiseptic cream, sickness bags, etc.

Pack for Pressure

Carry some earplugs, pacifiers, water, etc. to help ease your baby’s ear pressure during takeoff and landing. A Sippy cup or bottle will also be beneficial.


Even if your baby is toilet-trained, it’s helpful to have a couple of diapers in case of an emergency.

Tissues and Wipes

Whether you are travelling by plane or by car, messes can happen anytime, so always have tissues and wet wipes close by.

Car Seats

Are you going on a road trip? Or do you plan to take a taxi at some point on your trip? If yes, don’t forget to carry car seat for your little one. This seat will keep your baby safe. Also, if you’re planning to walk a lot on your trip, carry a stroller.

Direct Flights

Try to plan your flights around bedtime, so that your baby can easily fall asleep. Also, prefer booking direct flights as it reduces travel time which is a plus point when travelling with a child.

Pack Fully-Charged Technology

Make sure that your tablet and phone are fully charged, and don’t forget to carry portable chargers, in case your phone gets discharged.

Be Flexible

We’ll finish up this list of tips with another one of the most important things we can tell you. When you reach your destination, no matter how much you have planned for your time there, always remember to be flexible!

Things will go wrong, people will get cranky and need a rest, places will be closed, and everything will take more time than you expected. If you spend your trip stressed out about making it to the next thing on your list that stress will work its way into every member of the family.

Instead, relax. Be flexible in your schedule. Keeping your family happy is the most essential part of any trip.

You will see a lot of your destination while you are there, but there is no way you can see everything. Pushing everyone to rush to see one more thing isn’t going to make the trip any better. Getting upset because you missed something isn’t going to help either.

Final Thoughts

The biggest tip we can give for travelling with kids is to stop putting it off and get out there and travel. Everything might not go according to plan, but your family will love seeing the world, and you’ll be planning your next trip before you know it.

Nothing opens children’s minds like new experiences, and you’ll get plenty of new experiences no matter where you travel. From food to transportation, architecture, and landscape, everything you do will be exciting and new for your little ones.