Many people in our surroundings have sleeping issues. On the other hand, we all know that the lack of sleep considerably raises the risk of numerous health issues.


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Very often, people are not able to sleep because of the snoring of their partner. Still, you should know that snoring is chiefly the result of excess mucus. Thus, by getting rid of the mucus from the airways, you will definitely reduce or even completely prevent and stop snoring.

Here is a recipe of a miraculous remedy that is simple, natural, and very efficient when it comes to reducing the mucus from the airways. You just need to consume this remedy on a regular basis, every night before you go to sleep, and the mucus will be reduced, as well as the snoring.

We should mention that you need to use organic fruits and vegetables, as they are good for your health in general and do not contain harmful chemical substances, nor pesticides.

This is how you should prepare the drink:

Ingredients needed:

Two carrots

Two apples

One piece of ginger

One quarter of lemon

Half a cup of water

Way of preparation:

This drink is very easy for you to prepare. You just need to put all of the ingredients in a blender, and start blending until you get a homogenous mixture.


This juice should be taken a couple of hours before going to sleep. Furthermore, you should avoid consuming the following foods and drinks, which are known to make this condition worse:

Too much alcohol

Too much chocolate

Processed foods and drinks Foods which are hard to digest Fried foods

By avoiding these types of foods and drinks, you will quickly clear your airways from the mucus and you will reduce snoring. You will finally be able to get the adequate amount of night’s sleep and the rest you deserve.