Who is responsible for breeding racism into children?

Racism. A simple enough word that should not mean discrimination and hate, but it does. In the world of equality, racism holds no place but we are far away from living in that world. In the name of religion, caste and color, we take it and then dish it out. And our children, no thanks to us, are catching fast on the trend.

Nido Taniam, a twenty year old student of Delhi University, was brutally beaten up by a group of 8 people in January 2014. Due to the cruelty of attack, Nido gave away to the injuries and died before he could be taken to the hospital. You might ask what Nido did to fall victim to such a vicious fate? He was a north-eastern Indian student among the so-called educated crowd of north Indians who had called him abusive names based upon his ethnicity.

In most of the racial attacks it is often seen that the perpetrators are teenagers and youngsters. So, the question arises that how are our children youth coming up with so much hate?

Let’s look at some of the reasons which might have a role in triggering the detestation in children against other races.

Ignorant and racial behavior encouraging parents

Raising eyebrows would not do anything. According to child specialists, a child starts copying the behavior of his parents as soon as the age of two. And when the innocent mind of the child registers the manners a parent is conducting against a set of people, it sets. Talking to waiters, vendors, drivers, servants and lower course group in an offensive or derogatory way makes the child think that that’s the right way.

Lack of free interaction

More often than not, parents fend away the questions asked by children because they are just ‘silly’ questions. What we adults do not realize is, these questions are the way to grow a perspective for the child. He or she wholly depends on elders’ perceptions, and when they do not get it, they pick it up from somewhere else. And that somewhere else could be abusive people or obnoxious minds who think that race superiority is everything.

Racism isn’t born, it’s taught. At the end of the day, your kid can hate doing homework or eating vegetables. But make sure she does not hate anyone just because ‘their skin is brown’ or ‘they look chinese’