Having a Heart Attack? This May Save Your Life!

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Heart attack is a serious issue and is the leading cause of death among mankind. However, what to do if you’re alone and you suspect the symptoms of a heart attack? Let us first clarify what symptoms indicate an actual heart attack: 1)     Fatigue. This is the most common symptom, and it may persist up […]

Police Have been hiding this from you


Police. Law enforcement. Keeping order. All of these descriptors are intended to make the police seem like a friendly next-to-door public service whose sole purpose is to prevent crime and uphold order. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Do you know just exactly how many shootings there is by police in the US […]

2 Cops Rape a teenage girl at police station!


In yet another shocking incident of another police brutality and taking advantage of its power and position 2 cops rape a 14 year old girl, In Uttar Pradesh, India. In Badaun district on 31st night while this girl was returning to home, 2  two police constables Veer Pal and Avanish kidnapped her, pushed in police car […]

This Amazing Invention can shut you up from Snoring

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Annoyed roommates and irritated bedfellow will curse you for wheezing at night sleep. But did you know that snoring can be a prevalent symptom of obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)?It is the most common sleep apnea known as a serious health problem that can be linked to continuous lack of sleep, depression, diabetes and even heart attack! […]

You Wouldn’t Believe Where Dust Comes From!

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Dust. We all hate it. It is everywhere. It hides behind and under furniture. It slowly gathers on our work surfaces. It is unpleasant to look at, it is unpleasant to smell, it houses dust mites (which are really unhealthy for you). If it is not cleaned, the house owner looks sloppy, in addition to […]

What to do if Tsunami Hits your Town?

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Watching the Tsunami hit some coasts in South-east Asia in the news is a completely different experience than actually being in eye of one. While in the Biblical tale of Moses, a Tsunami possibly helped the Israelites escape cross the Red sea (also cited in the movie Exodus), in most cases you will never be […]

10 Online Scams that Seem Authentic: Do Not Fall For Them

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“Limited Offer”! “Buy Now”! “Its now or never”! These superlatives screaming for your attention on the online world may tempt you to sign up for some too-good-to-be true looking schemes! Some of you may have already burnt a hole on your plastics signing up for some of these instant satisfaction promising ads or banners. In […]

Popular Workouts that are laughably Ineffective

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Fitness may be your top priorty in the yeat 2015. You may be scared to pen down your fitness goals as you may have broken them too many times already Pause and consider for a moment- is there something wrong with what you believe is a good way workout regime? People believe that any kind […]

9 Sinful Addictions That Are Actually Good For Health

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Now you can simply play a deaf ear to most of the old dictums in life that prevent you from indulging into sinful acts. Research has revealed that some of the “so-called” sinful indulgences are actually good for your health. Spot what’s your favorite vice from the below list that will keep you in heaven […]

Make Your Funeral Come to ‘Life’ with these Wacky Ideas

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Planning your own birthday and anniversary celebrations is passé. There is an uprising freakish trend of making one’s last day on earth memorable. This is your chance to leave the planet making a bold statement. Why go for the traditional funeral service where few weep and the rest sleep? Consider some of these mind-blowing ideas […]