These are The Deadliest Bugs surrounding you

Most Deadly bugs

There are more than a million species of known insects in the world. Some are quite harmless, while others are just designed to kill. Separating the good ones from the bad, this list states some unique facts about the ten most dangerous members of the insect world, especially for those who until now had underestimated […]

Mysteries Which Science Have Yet Not been able to Solve

science mysteries

Science have advanced so much and we have reached far beyond our planet Earth, yet there are few mysteries which scientist have not been able to solve. The world is full of unknown mysteries that mankind may never solve. Here are 10 such mysteries that remain unsolved even with all our modern technology. Phaistos Disc […]

This Girl Tried to pee in public Toilet, but Then!

Girl Tried pee public Toilet

India is a place where there are more mobile phones than toilets with increasing instances of sexual assault/harassment to use/access basic human needs. According to a BBC report, around 11000 women would have ESCAPED rape if they had toilets in their home. While the government is spending millions to go to Mars, there is not […]

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