Get rid of white hair with only one ingredient

White hair

This homemade mixture can help you with many things – it can improve the health of your hair and the best thing about this homemade remedy is that it can reverse your white hair to its natural color – without dyeing your hair. There are hundreds of types of hair dyes on the market today […]

Is butter bad? The mysteries of butter exposed


When it comes to fat, it’s all about the butter. But are there things you don’t know about America’s favourite saturated fat? 1) All butter is not created equal. There is no golden ticket when it comes to butter; your butter is as clean as its source. Cows store toxins in both fat tissue and […]

10 Commandments of Success


1. Hard Work: Hard work is the best investment a man can make. 2. Study Hard: Knowledge enables a man to work more intelligently and effectively. 3. Have Initiative: Ruts often deepen into graves. 4. Love Your Work: Then you will find pleasure in mastering it. 5. Be Exact: Slipshod methods bring slipshod results. 6. […]

Correct sleeping position during pregnancy


There are a lot of amazing things that happen when you’re pregnant. Your skin glows, menstrual cramps are gone and everyone is at your beck and call for every craving and massage you need. But, clearly, there are some not so great things about being pregnant. Number one on that list? Sleep. Your back aches, […]

Five plants for your bedroom to sleep better


If you have tried different types of solutions for insufficient sleep such as medication, a better mattress, relaxation techniques, banana tea and other remedies and you still have problems with sleeping, this is the real article for you. It is commonly known that spending time out in Mother Nature has numerous health benefits, but if […]

Salt, pepper and lemon can solve 9 problems

Salt pepper

Pepper, salt and lemon cannot serve only as things you put on a salad. They can also be used as medicine. Actually, many people around the world use these ingredients to treat everyday ailments. Another reason may be the expensive medical care, so that is why many people are trying natural homemade remedies. Here is […]

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