10 Myths About Healthy Relationships

happy couple

Each one of us carries ideas around about what a healthy relationship looks like or “should” look like. This typically comes from our upbringing, the relationships we see around us, and more. Yet these common beliefs about “healthy” relationships often create and reinforce stereotypes, many of which can do more harm than good. While maintaining […]

4 things you should do to build your self-confidence


I think that one of the most important things that a person can develop in their life is self-confidence. When you don’t just think that you can do something, but you know in your soul that there is nothing that can stop you – well, there is nothing that can stop you. Self-confidence isn’t just […]

5 Things to keep in mind when you love an old soul


Wisened beyond their years.  Unexpectedly insightful.  Worldly. However you explain it, you know when you encounter an old soul. You see, the funny thing about wisdom is the fact that it doesn’t always have a direct correlation to age. For some people, wisdom is just as much of a trait as hair color. These “old […]

How to Get Rid of Pores on Face


Large pores are so common that they are even considered as something normal and widely accepted as such. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to adhere to the condition, as there are various things that can help you solve this issue. Just as women, men also have to deal with blackheads at a certain […]

Do your legs cramp at night? This is the reason why!

legs cramps

Leg cramps that happen during the night usually come in the form of a sudden spasm or tightening of the muscles in the calf, feet, or thighs. They often occur just as a person is falling asleep, or soon upon waking. The pain can be unbearable and can last from seconds to minutes. When the […]

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