Imam says 6-year-old girls look sexy, even to their own fathers, so cover them up!

Let us warn you! You’ll be filled with anger and disgust after watching this video that has been circulating on Twitter. In the video clip, you can clearly hear Imam telling other men (from the same community) what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to dressing up young girls.

The Imam continues on to discuss 6 and 7-year-olds change physically between age 4 and 6 and even more, precaution must be made when girls are growing up. He further mentions that parents need to cover them up, even at the earliest ages, to avoid tempting their own fathers. And if their fathers end up tempted anyway, it’s their fault.

He said, “At the age of four, the parents change them, they change their bottom, they give them a bath, you know…and so on, at the age of four the hour becomes a measured hour, which is a very, very strict area, that even parents should avoid looking at,” states a smirking Imam, as he talks to two other men, “which is the private parts and the behind, the bottom. Okay?”

The video only demonstrates just how sick and twisted his ideology is. Only people with sick mindset would ever consider a child of that age sexy! Watch the disturbing video and see for yourself that such disgusting people still exist even in the 21st century.