Catholic Priest Claims Child He Raped Was Impregnated by ‘Holy Spirit’

12-year-old victim of pedophile priest falls pregnant following rape

A pedophile priest has been forgiven by the Catholic Church for raping a 12-year-old child after claiming the young girl was impregnated by “the Holy Spirit.”

The parents of the victim claim that Father Ariel Bartholemew is the father of their daughter’s child after they caught him raping her.

The family now feel they are at a loss after contacting the police who told them the matter is “out of their hands” due to the Vatican’s investigators having already “dealt” with the situation.

In his defense, Father Bartholemew has declared the event is a “miracle” and denied any involvement in the pregnancy.

As he will be tried under Canon Law, Father Bartholemew also refused to hire the services of an attorney saying he will represent himself in court, saying:

“No crimes have been committed. We should be celebrating this wonderful miracle.”

“This blessed child has been chosen by the Holy Spirit.

“It’s a miracle of God, there is no other explanation,”

“The Lord blessed this little girl with his special gift and all should celebrate this immaculate conception,”


Speaking to the judge in his defense, Bartholemew added that the 12-year-old girl was chosen by the Lord because she is “mature beyond her years” and “ready for the responsibility.”

The victim and her family, whose identities have been protected, urged the court to conduct a DNA test of the baby, arguing that it will be a direct match to that of the priest – not the “Holy Spirit.”

According to the Inspector General of the Corpo della Gendarmeria, Dr. Domenico Giani, the police force of Vatican City, Father Bartholemew is currently under house due to several other charges of rape and sexual abuse against minors.

Several victims have now come forward against the pedophile priest, and if found guilty of all 26 charges of molestation and sexual abuse against minors, he could be forced to take six months paid leave to seek “prayer and forgiveness.”

As per the new amendments to Vatican state law by Pope Francis, legal experts believe he will most likely be moved to a new parish so he can continue his work while seeking forgiveness.

Trials like this are usually more of a formality, and Father Bartholemew would have already spoken with Vatican officials, who have all offered him their full support.