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Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States!


Doing THIS natural thing is ILLEGAL in the US!  Now, collecting Rainwater is illegal in a lot of states of the US… What we used t think about the real freedoms we enjoy in the country are quickly vanishing- making everyone a slave. The western states of Utah, Washington, and Colorado have made it illegal […]

Sugar Suppresses the Immune System


How sugar controls your body system Whenever you use higher sugar amount- be it from a candy bar or from a can of Coke- the body’s immune system discontinues responding to the outside challenges for few hours. This is because sugar curbs the immune system to react to the challenges. This means anyone consuming more […]

There 4 Ingredients in your Fast Food are worse than Horsemeat


Stay away from these ingredients present in your fast food that are already making your life difficult: 1.    Electronic Cigarette Filler as well as Synthetic Laxative: The lengthy list of chemicals in Wendy’s Toffee Twisted Frosty- labeled as ‘milkshake’ hold more than 1 bad shock. It contains typical collection of fast foods like conventional GMO […]

The Chemtrail Conundrum


From 1998, parallel lines, X’s and grid pattern appeared in the skies as airplane exhaust sprays. Though initially confused to be contrails, they were soon found to be something else. Contrails are nothing but condensation trails. They are formed when the hot engine exhaust spontaneously condenses the particulate ice to form thin vapor trails. They […]

Fatal White Bread in your kitchen


The Saying goes: “White Bread is “dead” bread” White, no longer is a measure of purity. Will the world crash without bread? It is debatable. However, the world will certainly crash if white bread continues to dominate the diet of the global majority. White bread is made from chemically bleached flour. The toxins in the […]



See this before eating any Tuna  Every Bluefin tuna caught from California is radioactive All the bluefin tunas tested off California waters showed contamination with harmful radiation from Fukushima disaster. The Radioactive Tuna Ever since the nuclear melt-through which occurred at Fukushima Daiichi plant in March, 2011, radioactive contaminants’ dumping flow in the ocean is […]

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