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CAUGHT ON CAM: NYPD officer punched teenager, gets suspended

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NYPDcop in civvies was suspended due to punching a 16 year-old black teenager during arrest on Monday morning. The YouTube video, posted on Wednesday, was recorded using a smartphone has 4, 734 views as of this writing and is garnering different feedback from thenetizens. The YouTube video reveals three uniformed police officers trying to handcuff […]

Do you really Love your country? read this

This is why I hate my country

Only the truth have the power to set you free, BUT before that, it will hurt you badly. Hurt me with burning truth but please never comfort me with a lie. We all boast about our love for our country, for our motherland, celebrate national festivals, Independence day, but do we really love our motherland! […]

We are Against WOMEN! Horrifying Reality


This is not for weak hearted people. “My daughter refuses to obey the order to get undressed. So they ordered her to choose between rape and death. So they started to torture her, cutting off her breasts one at a time with a knife,..” ~Couth Kivu, Congo Gender equality!  Freedom! Liberty! Justice! Ah, you are […]

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