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Belgian police warn facebook users to avoid reactions feature

police Warns Facebook Users

Belgian Police have warned residents not to use Facebook’s Reactions feature in order to avoid handing the network more personal information advert targeting. The Federal Police said the new option, which was introduced in February, will be used to gauge the effectiveness of adverts on users’ profiles. “If it appears that you are in good spirits, […]

Cop sexually assaults woman in courtroom, then arrests her

Cop Rapes and Arrests

This sounds like it was made up but, unfortunately, it actually happened. Monica Contreras, 28, was attending a divorce hearing when she was suddenly asked by court Marshal Ron Fox to step into a private room for an unprovoked drug search. Once they returned, she was hysterical, pleading with the judge that the marshal had […]

Police Have been hiding this from you


Police. Law enforcement. Keeping order. All of these descriptors are intended to make the police seem like a friendly next-to-door public service whose sole purpose is to prevent crime and uphold order. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Do you know just exactly how many shootings there is by police in the US […]

2 Cops Rape a teenage girl at police station!


In yet another shocking incident of another police brutality and taking advantage of its power and position 2 cops rape a 14 year old girl, In Uttar Pradesh, India. In Badaun district on 31st night while this girl was returning to home, 2  two police constables Veer Pal and Avanish kidnapped her, pushed in police car […]

Selling Cigarettes? Penalty – Death!


What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you’re selling cigarettes illegally? Not making the profit margin. Paying a fine. Or being strangled to death. Wait. What!? Yes, that is precisely what happened to Eric Garner, 43, as he was selling illegal cigarettes in New York. So how did this unfortunate incident occur? […]

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