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Trump removed Obama’s flood protection laws just days before Hurricane Harvey hit

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Donald Trump scrapped Barack Obama’s flood protection standards days before Hurricane Harvey Changes are designed to speed up new infrastructure projects but critics described them as ‘dangerous’ Donald Trump signed an executive order just days before Hurricane Harvey that scrapped many of the flood protections introduced by Barack Obama. Harvey has caused huge damage in Texas as 30 […]

2 Cops Rape a teenage girl at police station!


In yet another shocking incident of another police brutality and taking advantage of its power and position 2 cops rape a 14 year old girl, In Uttar Pradesh, India. In Badaun district on 31st night while this girl was returning to home, 2  two police constables Veer Pal and Avanish kidnapped her, pushed in police car […]

Selling Cigarettes? Penalty – Death!


What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you’re selling cigarettes illegally? Not making the profit margin. Paying a fine. Or being strangled to death. Wait. What!? Yes, that is precisely what happened to Eric Garner, 43, as he was selling illegal cigarettes in New York. So how did this unfortunate incident occur? […]

CAUGHT ON CAM: NYPD officer punched teenager, gets suspended

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NYPDcop in civvies was suspended due to punching a 16 year-old black teenager during arrest on Monday morning. The YouTube video, posted on Wednesday, was recorded using a smartphone has 4, 734 views as of this writing and is garnering different feedback from thenetizens. The YouTube video reveals three uniformed police officers trying to handcuff […]

Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States!


Doing THIS natural thing is ILLEGAL in the US!  Now, collecting Rainwater is illegal in a lot of states of the US… What we used t think about the real freedoms we enjoy in the country are quickly vanishing- making everyone a slave. The western states of Utah, Washington, and Colorado have made it illegal […]