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This Video Induces Natural Hallucinations

video hallucinations

Photo credit: YouTube If you follow the video’s instructions, when you look away you will continue to see wavy lines in your wall or on the floor. This happens due to an optical illusion that is the result of repeated psychological stimulation. When the video ends and you look away, your brain still expects to […]

Greatest Myths about meat-eaters and Vegetarian!

Greatest Myths about non-vegetarian and Vegetarian among people! You could be in this

[NOTE: We do not promote vegetarian of Non-Vegetarian lifestyle. This is just awareness] Comparing our lifestyle with that of others and trying to prove that ours is best is a common trend we humans do. Many people are non-vegetarian and then there are many those choose to be Vegetarian but there is always a series […]

trial adds

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Women stripped and beaten brutally in public; none helped!

Women striped, kicked and beaten brutally for 30 minutes in public

Yet another case in which a women was ashamed and ripped off her dignity. As per timesofindia, A women conductor in Dombivli area (Mumbai, India) was brutally beaten by a male passenger, while those, present at the site simply remain nude spectators. The crime against women refuse to end. In a shocking incident in Dombinili, Mumbai a […]

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