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Animals Showing You the Way to Go About Exercising

Yoga is the way to go!

Are you looking to shed that weight? Every New Year, a lot of people make resolutions to hit the gym regularly to attain a healthy body that is in shape. However, it is not long before people tend to forget them, and go back on their resolutions for whatever reasons. If that’s the case with […]

Want You Ex Girlfriend Back? These 6 Steps Could Do It

Get ExGirlFriend Back

You have lost her! For some reason, or probably for some fault of yours, the girl of your life decided to dump you and now you think that you must get her back. Although this can be a considerably difficult task to pull off, it is obviously not impossible either. So if you are still […]

Pregnant teachers are being fired from job at a Chicago school


Pregnant teachers at a Northwest Side elementary school were targeted for firing by their principal. The civil rights lawsuit claims that Mary Weaver, the principal of Scammon Elementary School engaged in a pattern of inequity between 2009 and 2012, by targeting the pregnant teachers in schooling or joined back to job after their pregnancies. The […]

Why do Men Rape?


Rape is a heinous crime and every adult in his/her right mind knows it. Still, there is no dearth of rape cases in spite of the law becoming strict. Why is it so? Why do men rape women? What do they gain by forcing themselves on a woman? Studies show that the reason for rape […]

Make Your Funeral Come to ‘Life’ with these Wacky Ideas

3 min white11

Planning your own birthday and anniversary celebrations is passé. There is an uprising freakish trend of making one’s last day on earth memorable. This is your chance to leave the planet making a bold statement. Why go for the traditional funeral service where few weep and the rest sleep? Consider some of these mind-blowing ideas […]

Ebola Contracted Doctor Saved By an Experimental Drug


Did you know that Ebola outbreak has hit almost 7000? The Ebola death tool has drastically increased in the last few months with the outbreak hitting 7000+ and the death toll feared to increase with the Christmas approaching. Researchers are certainly questioning the case. Breaking news published in The Lancet showed that a male doctor […]

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