Why you should never Google Avril Lavigne’s name

Never Ever Google Avil Lavigne’s name. When was the last time you Googled ‘Avril Lavigne’? Perhaps, hearing the rumour she’s been dead for 14 years and replaced by a clone , you did a quick search for news on her, out of concern and the goodness of your own heart. If that is the case,

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Vodka ice cream launches – and it will actually get you drunk

A dessert company has made some tasty vodka-flavoured ice creams encrusted with enough booze to get you drunk. ArcticBuzz, based in Baltimore, USA, has wowed adults with the six flavours, including cookies and cream, key lime pie and coconut. Members of staff endlessly tried and tested various combos at a distillery to create their treats.

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Dove outrages people showing a black woman turn white by its Lotion!

Dove has apologised after huge backlash against an advert which showed a black woman removing her top to reveal a white woman underneath. The online advertising campaign was criticised as ‘racist’ as it looked as though the woman changed skin tone after using the lotion. It has since been removed from Facebook and Dove tweeted: ‘An

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