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Historical Photos, which you can’t ever forget.

Photo of cutting trees in Redwood

Here are a list of the greatest Historical Photos, which you can’t ever forget. A marvelous collection of the rarest historical pics which have an impact on society and world history. Here is a collections of most fascinating photographs that have even been captured on cam. Presenting the most interesting moments of world history in […]

Police fine woman for a Facebook comment.

Women Fined 50$ for commenting!

As stated by ‘chicago tribune’, Christine Adamski, An Illinois woman faces a $50 fine about a week ago, when an officer from forest preserve protection department read her Facebook comment, according to which she broke the law, by using a dog park without a permit. This is what she wrote in her comment which cost her 50$ […]

Man In in Suit Playing Soccer With Wild Lions.

Kevin Richardson Casually Plays Soccer With Lions (Video)

Is there something more unique and more courageous than this video which you have even seen? Probably lions can also be made friends, of-course everything is possible for humans and their brave effort. Richardson plays soccer with wild lions in a commercial for Van Gils, which is the official tailor of the Dutch national soccer […]

What If Alcohol Didn’t Exist?

If Alcohol Didn't Exist?

*—Alcohol is responsible for almost 40% of all crimes throughout the world. *—3.3 million People would be alive every year. *—It is the second most leading cause of death, after tobacco. *—Nearly 8% of Male-deaths and 4 % female-deaths are alcohol-related. *—People would be less susceptible to HIV/ AIDS CANCER PNEUMONIA *—10,000 Americans wouldn’t get […]

When A Woman Abused a Man in Public.

When A Women Abused a Men in Public.

In this social experiment, when a man physically abuses his girlfriend then there a few people show the courage to come ahead and resist, BUT when a girl abuses her boyfriend! Publicly! then no one comes ahead, in fact, there are a few who laughs at the boy. According to a study (Office for National […]

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