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Inventors Who Got Killed By Their Own Creations


The level which the world has reached today is because of the continuous inventions and contributions made by many people. The inventors first come up with the idea that could solve a problem, especially in a way that no one else thought of, then design it and bring the idea to the reality. But there […]

10 Mysterious Photos Cannot Be Explained Till Now


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, though fact versus fable can be difficult to determine when evidence is limited and theories run wild. Stories associated with these images are not easy to explain or even not at all probable. Here are 10 of the most mysterious and unexplained photos that probably […]

Bodies Of Strange Creatures Found


In 1960 in London at the time of clearing the site for construction of a new residential neighborhood, the old long-abandoned mansion belonged to Thomas Theodore Merlin was sent for demolition. In the basement of the home builders have discovered several thousand small wooden boxes tightly sealed. In 2006, a trust was set up to […]

6 Extraordinary Cases Of Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives


Reincarnation is a fascinating subject that has remained on the fringe of scientific study for too long. Fortunately, it has recently begun to attract serious interest from the scientific community. Decades ago, American astronomer and astrobiologist Carl Sagan stated that “there are three claims in the [parapsychology] field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study,” with one being “that young […]

Russians Found Proof of Anunnaki Civilization In Antarctica


In 1929, Russian historians publicized their discovery of an incredibly unusual map. The map depicted a coastline that mirrored the continent of Antarctica. What was strange about this map was that it depicted the continent covered in green vegetation as opposed to snow and ice caps. It also pre-dated the official discovery of Antarctica by […]

Uncovered A Truth About Pompeii


Almost 2,000 years ago, a cataclysmic natural disaster wiped the Roman city of Pompeii off the map. The once-bustling agricultural town was situated at the foot of Mount Vesuvius when it erupted in November of 79 A.D. The eruption entombed the city in about 20 feet of volcanic ash. Many residents who did not flee […]

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