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6 Year Old boy Got Pregnant, Doctors in SHOCK


It is very surprising and unbelievable news that a 6-year-old boy was pregnant, the doctor has removed the undeveloped fetus from his stomach. This phenomenal incident is from Varanasi. Ramesh’s father, a resident of Gadwa in Jharkhand, said that for the last few days, there was a lot of pain in the baby’s stomach and […]

10 Historical Predictions That Were Surprisingly Accurate


Predicting the future in most cases is guesswork whether it is done scientifically or statistically by analyzing available information, or it is an intuitive sense of what could happen. There are also things that one might unintentionally say that would eventually end up being true. Retrospectively, many such predictions can seem uncanny and impossible. Yet […]

10 Seriously Mind-boggling Geographical Facts


Our planet is the best mystery box. In other words, it is filled with many unknown and unusual facts. From the minus temperatures in poles to the scorching heat of equator, from the largest ocean to the smallest island, etc. Geography of this world is more diverse than anyone can imagine. The more we try to unlock […]

10 Lesser-known Facts about Slavery


Slavery has existed since before written history in almost every culture and civilization. It started about 11,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution after the invention of agriculture. In its strictest sense, slavery can be defined as a situation in which people own individuals and apply the same rules they would to any form of […]

Terrible True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment


In July of 1943 the US Navy, along with Dr. Franklin Reno conducted a test on the Navy Destroyer, USS Eldridge called the Philadelphia Experiment. The experiment, based on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity was an attempt to make the ship virtually invisible to any enemy radar and immune to magnetic mines. IN JULY 1943 […]

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