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Are You Waiting for Such A Wonderful Man?


You are waiting for a man to introduce you to a family, if that’s exactly what you want. It is said that one can choose a man, but the children cannot choose their own father, so choose wisely. You are waiting for a man who will share his dreams for the future with you. You know […]

Have You Given Everything and Got Nothing in Return?


None can imagine a worse feeling than watching the person you love stop loving you. It’s like someone is digging into your chest and taking you apart. You are helpless and afraid. You feel that there is nothing under your control that you have done your best, but it was still not good enough. You would have […]

Never Argue With an Old Aged


While checking out at a store, young cashier told an old woman to bring own grocery bags since plastic bags are not good for the atmosphere. The old woman apologized and said these things: “We never had the green thing back in our days.” We returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles back to […]

Depression is a Kind of Brain Damage, not Choice


Researchers have determined that persistent depression causes brain damage, and not the other way around. Neurologists previously had hypothesized that brain damage was a predisposing factor for chronic depression, but a new study published in Molecular Psychiatry sheds a different light. The study, which consisted of 9,000 individual samples, collected from the ENIGMA group, succeeded […]

How To Remain Calm During an Argument or Conflict Situation?


When we lose our cool in a conflict, nothing gets resolved and we can feel guilty for our loss of control. But it is possible to learn how to remain calm. People disagree. This is an inevitable part of life. However, minor disagreements often escalate into something much worse, largely because we don’t work out how […]

Air Pollution Reduces the Intelligence Significantly


Poisonous air estimated to cause premature deaths of 7 million people a year worldwide. Breathing in polluted air can reduce your intelligence as well as knocking years off your life. New research shows that air pollution causes a ‘huge’ reduction in brain power, the equivalent of losing a year in education. If air pollution reaches a certain level, localities may release warnings, advising […]

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