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Lamentably, there are no subtitles for this video, so unless you comprehend French, you won’t get a significant part of the guy`s remarks in the video and what he needs to say in regards to this amazing machine. In any case, by the by, I firmly propose you watch this extraordinary clasp and see this […]

New technology to save passengers during catastrophe


  Engineers have revealed a radical new way to save plane passengers in the event of an emergency. The design shows an aircraft with a detachable cabin that releases in emergency situations. During take-off, landing or flight, the redesigned cabin detaches from the plane and safely lands on the ground or water– saving everyone’s lives […]

Meet Mosha, the first elephant to receive a prosthetic leg


Another reason to love technology is that it can be used to help animals that have missing limbs become mobile again. That was just what happened in the case of the elephant that needed a prosthetic leg. Mosha, an Asian elephant, who’d lost her right foreleg from a landmine explosion, is the world’s first recipient of an elephant […]

Mcdonalds’s Finally Admits What’s In Their Burgers


McDonald`s at least admits what`s in their burgers. Even though rumors about the quality of these burgers are circulating for a very long time now, there was not any real piece of evidence.  People have been concerned about the pink slime to the mechanically separated meat, and McDonald`s finally admits what their food is actually […]

2.6 million dead bees delivered to EPA headquarters in protest


A truck, carrying a load huge load of dead bees, wrapped it’s journey across the United States as it ended up in front of the Environmental Protection Agency in protest.  “In the five years since I started keeping bees, I’ve seen many hives killed by pesticides,” said James Cook, a Minnesota-based beekeeper who has been driving the truck […]

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