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Millions of Americans drink this daily. Here’s its shocking truth!


Kombucha has been one of the most popular drink known for improve one’s immune system, digestion liver function and cancer prevention. But no scientific explanation has proven these claims. You may never want to try this until you know this one ingredient that’s really disgusting. According to Opposing Views: The popular drink “Kombucha” has taken […]

Simple Tricks to distinguish real honey from fake one

fake or real

Honey is super-sweet, delicious and makes your food taste better. Next time, when you will go to a store, spend some time in the honey aisle questioning before making a decision whether you should buy a pricy quality, store-brand nectar in a plastic bottle or artisanal honey. Food Safety News did a blazing investigation and […]

Top US Conventional Foods that are banned in the World.

1 banned

Who would have thought that the pleasure of eating will be ruined by just one word: BANNED. Not everything appetizing and delightful might be healthy for us and that’s the saddest thing. On the other way round, there are plethora of reasons why other parts of the world prohibit a list of food that are […]

This is a CURE For Everything Except Death


This small seed is immeasurably powerful, competent to dominant antibiotic resistant bacteria, cures the chemical weapon cynical body, stimulate the restoration of dying beta cells in the diabetic, while these only a fraction of black seed’s experimentally definite powers. Nigella Sativa is a yearly flowering plant, have been valued for its healing properties while time […]

10 Perfect Tips For Your Happy Life


All things considered, all people want is to be happy. Their pursuits take many forms, but there are some universal truths how to feel happier overall. Without further ado, let us make your life happier this very instant! 1)     Exercise more. This might sound like a strange advice, but having regular physical exercise improves one’s […]

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