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Greatest Myths about meat-eaters and Vegetarian!

Greatest Myths about non-vegetarian and Vegetarian among people! You could be in this

[NOTE: We do not promote vegetarian of Non-Vegetarian lifestyle. This is just awareness] Comparing our lifestyle with that of others and trying to prove that ours is best is a common trend we humans do. Many people are non-vegetarian and then there are many those choose to be Vegetarian but there is always a series […]

Miracles of Dry skin cleansing!

Dry skin cleansing

Like we all brush our teeth, we should also clean our skin with a soft handy brush, when our skin is dry.This have got amazing benefits and also proven science behind it. Now the science goes by the fact that if your blood is toxic, or impure and you are unhealthy then it will be […]

6 Side Effects Of Green Tea You Should Be Aware Of


[credits:] When we usually talk about green tea, we always tend to emphasise how healthy and good it is for us, but most of us are unaware of the side effects of green tea. Green tea is definitely a healthy option but like everything it has its side effects too, some are mild while […]

How Drugs can damage your Body, your appearance !

SHOCKING Drug-Related Transformations

We all want fun, to live our life to its fullest, and for some, intoxication seems to be a good means of it. Many of us may believe that without drugs life is pale and no fun, that it bring us close to heaven. BUT wait! that all is temporary, only unless the effect of […]

Before you Eat Another McDonald’s French Fry…Watch this Video

McDonald’s French Fry

[credits: livefreelivenatural] The beloved McDonald’s French fry; it tastes so good, but it’s so bad for you. The question is: are they actually food? McDonald’s french fries are just made out of potatoes, maybe a little salt, and frying oil…right? Wrong. McDonald’s began a ‘transparency’ campaign recently to try to improve its image among health conscious consumers, […]

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