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National Cancer Institute Reveals Millions Have Been Erroneously Treated For “Cancer” They Never Really Had


A study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) just revealed that a considerable number of people who have undergone cancer treatments in the past may not have actually had the disease at all. The research, published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), identified both overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer as two major […]

The Human Touch: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important


As human beings, we crave physical contact. In fact, our species requires it to thrive. The connections we make through platonic touch have been foundational in building human civilization as we know it. Unfortunately, as our society has advanced, the prevalence of physical touch has lessened. TOUCH BETWEEN ADULTS IN THE MODERN WORLD HAS ALL […]

The white lies of the dairy industry that no one wants you to know


There are no happy cows gladly providing their milk for humans to consume, as we are made to believe. Animal cruelty, bloodshed, and slaughter are often associated with non-vegetarianism, meat consumption, and the leather industry. Rarely have voices been raised against the thriving Indian dairy industry where the cattle are not only exploited but also […]

Officials Admit Radioactive Fish Off U.S. West Coast Have “Disturbing Fingerprint Of Fukushima”


Despite assurances, the radioactive fallout would be contained, the entire Pacific Ocean is now contaminated. Cesium-134, the so-called fingerprint of Fukushima, was measured in seawater samples taken from Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in Oregon, researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are reporting. Because of its short half-life, cesium-134 can only have come from Fukushima, the […]

Here Is Why We’re Addicted To Meat, Though We Don’t Need It


Have you ever thought about why so many people eat meat? It’s been scientifically proven that it’s better for our bodies to get our protein from plant-based sources rather than meat, yet the average American eats 200 pounds of meat per year. Meat and dairy consumption are linked with numerous health risks including cancer, heart disease, obesity and […]

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