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Miracles of Dry skin cleansing!

Dry skin cleansing

Like we all brush our teeth, we should also clean our skin with a soft handy brush, when our skin is dry.This have got amazing benefits and also proven science behind it. Now the science goes by the fact that if your blood is toxic, or impure and you are unhealthy then it will be […]

What If Alcohol Didn’t Exist?

If Alcohol Didn't Exist?

*—Alcohol is responsible for almost 40% of all crimes throughout the world. *—3.3 million People would be alive every year. *—It is the second most leading cause of death, after tobacco. *—Nearly 8% of Male-deaths and 4 % female-deaths are alcohol-related. *—People would be less susceptible to HIV/ AIDS CANCER PNEUMONIA *—10,000 Americans wouldn’t get […]



Health benefits of sleeping well [By Rahul @The Unknown But Nit Hidden] A lot is said about sleep. It is one thing that is common to every one of us. Some say sleep this much or this way. But the prime cause of sleeping is discussed here. While sleeping, our brain adjusts the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, […]

Causes and Cure of common warts.


Most unique causes of common warts! • Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). • There are more than 100 types of HPV and several more types of the virus that cause different types of warts. • Most HPVs cause relatively harmless conditions like common warts, while others cervix cancer. • Wart viruses pass […]

This is why you should often Walk Barefoot


The greatest benefits we could get is from nature and through natural means. Merely Walking Barefoot have great benefits and have been recommended since ages. Experts says that if early morning we would walk with bare feet on grass, then it would give us maximum benefits. It is good for our eyesight, depression, muscles and […]



Here is a List of different foods presenting Most acidic and alkaline foods. Acidic foods must be avoided as they are responsible for many problems and health issues. It also have been found that those who are suffering from cancer have very high acidic pH value relative to those who don’t. Cancer and other major […]

Correct Seating Position


Sitting straight in the chair is indeed bad for the back. Instead, you should slouch at 135 degrees angle. Scottish as well as Canadian researchers used fresh magnetic resonance imaging form of which shows that sitting in a straight manner provides needless strain on the back. BackCare charity’s Levent Caglar says, “Generally, opening the angle between […]

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