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This is why you fats will never leave you


“I did my best but I guess my best wasn’t good enough…” So you’re singing this song to yourself. Why? All this time you’ve been working out yet nothing happens. This world is full of whys and your “Why am I not losing fat?” is included. There are several reasons for not losing fats. It […]

Simple Tricks to distinguish real honey from fake one

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Honey is super-sweet, delicious and makes your food taste better. Next time, when you will go to a store, spend some time in the honey aisle questioning before making a decision whether you should buy a pricy quality, store-brand nectar in a plastic bottle or artisanal honey. Food Safety News did a blazing investigation and […]

Critical Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight.


Most of you are probably very concerned about having the perfect healthy body that appears perfect. In order to achieve that many hit the gym, undertake regular exercising and also take up any other practice that reduces weight. Some of you might even choose to resort to maintaining a very strict diet. However, often you […]

This Amazing Invention can shut you up from Snoring

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Annoyed roommates and irritated bedfellow will curse you for wheezing at night sleep. But did you know that snoring can be a prevalent symptom of obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)?It is the most common sleep apnea known as a serious health problem that can be linked to continuous lack of sleep, depression, diabetes and even heart attack! […]

Popular Workouts that are laughably Ineffective

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Fitness may be your top priorty in the yeat 2015. You may be scared to pen down your fitness goals as you may have broken them too many times already Pause and consider for a moment- is there something wrong with what you believe is a good way workout regime? People believe that any kind […]

9 Sinful Addictions That Are Actually Good For Health

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Now you can simply play a deaf ear to most of the old dictums in life that prevent you from indulging into sinful acts. Research has revealed that some of the “so-called” sinful indulgences are actually good for your health. Spot what’s your favorite vice from the below list that will keep you in heaven […]

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