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Cancer Symptoms First Appear On Your Hands – How to Spot Them?


Various types of cancer come with varied symptoms and different treatments. However, every type of cancer shares one thing in common: the very first cancer symptoms usually appear on the hands. According to a team of British scientists, these signs usually appear in the form of either cracks or swellings along with thickening of the […]

Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using To Treat Cancer


Given that cannabis has massive cancer curing potential, the re-entrance of marijuana into the main stream consciousness has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s the cannabinoids in the plant that enter the human body on consumption that provide the medicinal effects. The cannabinoids bind with receptors that are already situated in our […]

20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect


Never wait for a checkup to see if cancer is present. See what your body says and see some changes like unexplained and odd signs. These are the most common: Short breath/wheezing- this is a sign of lung cancer Chronic cough/chest pain- a few cancer types like tumors and leukemia, cause bad coughs or bronchitis […]

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