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15 Important Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know


  Good manners are a sign of politeness, regardless of what others may think. Having good manners means speaking properly, using proper vocabulary, restraining emotions, having a neat and clean appearance, and being courteous. Therefore, if you want to learn some good manners, take a look at the following etiquette 15 rules:     When you’re […]

Photo of two male lions ‘mating’ at wildlife park goes viral

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A photographer has captured an intimate portrait of two male lions who appeared to be attempting to mate at a wildlife park in Doncaster. The photographs were taken moments after one of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s adult males pinned down another in an apparent bid to mate with him, while a lioness was lying nearby. […]

11 Historical Pictures Everyone Should See


Photographs have become an essential part of everyone’s life. We generally try saving the special memories of our life with these photographs. But, have you ever wondered what would the photographs from the past would look like? So, here we have consolidated a list of historical pictures that should not be missed. The Very First Photo […]

Tips For Successful Marriage


Tips for successful marriage by Chanakya A scholar of unparallel wisdom, Chanakya, is known to the world as an ancient Indian philosopher, teacher and an extensively admired economist, who never disappointed his enemies, by surpassing their war antics. Knowledge of people His insight on people and how they project themselves to the society has been […]

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