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Offbeat Switzerland: 10 Unique Adventures We Bet You’ll LOVE


Dare To Be Brave? – The Titlis Cliff Walk Quick Takeaway – Walking between two cliffs on a 3000-meter-high suspension bridge, and stepping into the world’s first revolving cable She askcar – scaling new heights of pleasure. Taking adventure to a new level, the Titlis Cliff Walk dares you to cross the 100-meter long pedestrian bridge built […]

Photo of two male lions ‘mating’ at wildlife park goes viral

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A photographer has captured an intimate portrait of two male lions who appeared to be attempting to mate at a wildlife park in Doncaster. The photographs were taken moments after one of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s adult males pinned down another in an apparent bid to mate with him, while a lioness was lying nearby. […]

How To Make Your Rotten Banana Fresh Again!


It is very helpful as you can see how a banana can be fresh once again! Stick the brown banana in a bag of rice. It will suck out some moisture, just like you do it for example, with a wet cellphone. Watch the Video Below: Source :

15 Of The Deadliest Creatures In Australia


Australia functions as one of the planet’s most beautiful tourist destinations, and millions of eager travelers make their way to the world’s smallest continent to enjoy their infamous beaches and their famed Outback. Despite being the world’s smallest continent, it also functions as the 6th largest country in the world, and Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane […]

The US Will See Its First Total Solar Eclipse Since 1979


Are you ready for something that hasn’t happened in America since 1979? No, we’re not bringing back ultra-wide bell bottoms – we’re talking about a full solar eclipse. In August 2017, the total solar eclipse will be visible to the lower 48 of the United States. And it could likely be another 40 or so years before […]

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